It’s been around for millions of years, but it’s no more than a month old. What is it?

So Crankshaft is only a few years old and questionable as to why this scribble is only mine and only a few years old.  So to this riddle of the day tell me why you can’t see how this came before me and why I can’t find any trace before me and why people just don’t get it when they see it?  I would like to know.  So the answer to this riddle is right around the corner and comes across you ever day as well as does Crankshaft.  It is as old as the stars are light and new as the very first born.  It moves waves and blends with the earth on one face as you intrude on your partner in one way under one magnificent sky and bed one bright night sky.

Just don’t turn and you will know what this is, the face, the rabbit, the witch.  All will show you themselves every night and brighter in full.  If you knew their secret as you wish to know the secret of Crankshaft you would know who I am.  We both show you our true face all the time but one you would accept more than me, I am dirty but the sky is not and that is the one I am speaking of so who I am in the sky above.

Ok I’m talking about two things here but the one for the riddle is bright, white, and clear in the night sky.